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Cladding Service in Oldham

Cladding roofs is a process of covering the exterior of a building with another material. It is usually done to improve the aesthetic appeal of the building and to provide additional insulation. This can be done with a variety of materials such as wood, metal, plastic, or stone. At DC Rooflines we are experienced in working with all types of cladding materials, from metal to composite and more, and they have the expertise to ensure that your roof is properly installed and will provide long-term protection from the elements.

Cladding roofs in the UK is an excellent choice for homeowners looking to improve the insulation, weatherproofing and aesthetics of their property. Not only does cladding help to increase the thermal performance of the roof, protecting it from harmful UV radiation, but it is also fire resistant, guarding against potential fire damage. Moreover, it adds a decorative touch to the roof and can be customised to complement the building’s exterior. Furthermore, cladding is an excellent way to reduce noise pollution, making it the perfect solution for those living in a noisier area such as Manchester.

Our Services

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Tile Roofs

We specialise in tile roofs and provide installation, repair, and maintenance services, ensuring your roof is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

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Slate Roofs

Our team is experienced in slate roof installation, repair, and maintenance, offering a long-lasting, high-quality roofing solution for your property.

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Replacement Roofing

We provide full replacement roofing services using only high-quality materials, ensuring your new roof is built to last and withstand harsh weather conditions.

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