• Soffits
  • Facias
  • Guttering
  • Bargeboards
  • Down Pipes
  • Dry Verge

Whats Involved?

PVC-U replacement products from DC Rooflines are the perfect solution for updating and renovating your property.

Our solutions will enhance the exterior of your home and no maintenance is needed – important in those impossible to reach areas such as the fascias or eaves (bargeboards). For the very best choice in new roof installations, PVC-u fascias, soffits, cladding, bargeboards and dry verge maintenance for your home, contact us for a no-obligation quote now!

Our new range of PVC-U maintenance-free products are probably the best investment you can make in your home!

Architectural details such as soffit, fascias, bargeboards, guttering and dry verge all play a critical part in protecting your property from damage caused by bad weather. Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are about repainting, it becomes more difficult to maintain your property – a factor not helped by the problem of reaching those inaccessible exterior areas of your house.

Once the property’s integrity is breached, the structure of the whole house is vulnerable to damage. Fitting high quality PVC-U products with DC Rooflines not only enhances and safeguards your property, but also frees you from the need to inspect, prepare, preserve and paint those important and hard-to-reach areas of your home.

Our latest design PVC-U range is tough, durable and enhances your home enormously. It needs little more than a wipe over to maintain its good looks. Choose DC Rooflines to your individual requirements, to a standard that you will be proud of. DC Rooflines offers you a total design and installation package from start to finish, making the process of updating your home as simple and straight forward as possible:

Stage 1 – Survey

Our experiences surveyor will call to inspect your property and assess what needs to be replaced. This will be followed by a free, no obligation quotation. Following acceptance of our quotation, we will carry out a detailed survey with measurements.

Stage 2 – Installation

We will carefully remove all existing rotting fascias, soffit, bargeboards, cladding, guttering and downpipes or dry verge. Then the roof guard is fitted – this prevents the ponding effect caused by sagging roof felt. White fascias and bargeboards are a full 18-22mm thick and are attached to the existing roof timbers with non-corrosive fixings.

Stage 3 – Appearance

Choose a style that complements the appearance of your home. The overall effect has the appearance of traditional painted wood, or in the case of guttering and downpipes, painted metal, but of course, never needs to be painted and will never stretch, twist, crack or warp.